Past Demo Nights

Documentation inspired by https://demos.club/.

July 30, 2023

Salad, set, a geometry problem and

  • Anna on Networks
  • Vic on his Android AR franken-glasses
  • Rosie on her latest ML paper
  • Steve on Barbie
  • Katelina on kick boxing
  • Max on tech economics and legislation

July 9, 2023

Vivek - A guitar cover of “Sure Thing” by Miguel

Marley - The neuralimagery.com flower animation

Phil - The Book of John

Achuta - A magnetic automatic chessboard

Raffi - learnfromfriends.xyz, 1-1 learning experiment software

Aayush - http://zinenight.lxm.house, second lxm zine night site built by Alicia

Lloyd - How to fast for 5 days

Laura - The sellout’s dilemma

Vikram - Game theory and the tragedy of the commons

William - Machine learning evaluation and grokking

Ellen - Kawasaki disease diagnosis

June 25, 2023: Light and Matter 1-Day Hackathon

Marley and Daniel - Fog in a box (demo)

Anna and Raffi - Piano synced to circle LED (demo)

Aayush, Anna and Raffi - Piano synced to the literal cloud (demo)

Marley and Aayush - A vantablack and whitest white moon-like LED fishbowl

Steve - Lightning LEDs synced to the sound of lightning

Vivek - Media Lab bike display prank (image)

Vikram - Laser fog fluid dynamics (demo)